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Sections Stuff: Apply InDesign Sections Based on Paragraph Styles

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Sections Stuff (for InDesign CS4 and CS5, CS5.5, CS6, and the latest CC, on Windows and Mac) allows you to add and remove section markers throughout your InDesign document based on paragraph styles.

One main use for this script is to control footnotes. InDesign CS4 and CS5 allow the user to restart footnotes numbering within a single story whenever the user has marked a certain page as a new section (via the pages panel). So the user has to go through the document adding section markers in designated places, such as chapter openings.

The problem is that if pages are added or removed in the course of designing and editing the book, these section markers will end up on the wrong page. As soon as there are a dozen or more sections, it becomes a huge hassle to have to reset all the section markers by hand.

That’s where the Sections Stuff script comes in. The script allows the user to set up all the sections in the document based on a list of paragraph styles. So, if there should always be a new section wherever the paragraph style “New Chapter” appears (for example), simply select this paragraph style from one of the scripts drop-down lists, and click OK. The script will add sections wherever it finds this paragraph style.

The user also has the option to remove all currently existing section markers.

All the user-defined settings are stored on a per-document basis and the script will remember them, saving the user the hassle of having to select the desired paragraph styles each time.

Here’s a screenshot:

Screen capture for the script Sections Stuff

To download a demo verson of this script, click here. The demo version will run up to three times per document.

A single license for this script is available at $39.00 USD. For multiple licenses, please contact us to arrange a discount.

The terms of the license permit the installation of the script on a single user’s computer. The script is copyright. It is illegal to make unauthorised copies of the script.

To buy the full version of this script for $39.00 click the “Buy Now” button on the right and you will be taken to PayPal, or email You will normally received your script within one working day (if not before).

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