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Apply master pages based on paragraph and object styles


Works with: InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC (Creative Cloud) on Windows and Mac computers.

This script lets you associate master pages with paragraph styles and object styles.

So you can now make a list of instructions to tell InDesign:

  • Wherever paragraph style A appears in the document, apply master page X
  • Wherever paragraph style B appears in the document, apply master page Y
  • … and so on.

You can do the same with object styles:

  • Wherever object style A appears in the document, apply master page X
  • Wherever object style B appears in the document, apply master page Y
  • etc. etc.

Mastermatic Promo

For example, you can now easily have a special master page applied on every page that contains a graphic image, and a different master page applied to every page that has a “Chapter Title” paragraph style, and so on.

But the best part of it is that it will update automatically while you work!*

Unlike a traditional InDesign script, this script can keep track of your document while you work and update the master pages as needed – automatically! So if your text reflows, or you move a graphic to a different page, the appropriate master page will be applied automatically while you continue to work. It’s truly MASTERMATIC!

Here’s a screenshot, showing the various options:

Screenshot of the Mastermatic Script


Main Features

  • Create as many paragraph style–master page pairs as you need.
  • Create as many object style–master page pairs as you need.
  • “Live Update” – InDesign will continuously monitor your document, and apply the correct master pages as needed.*
  • Choose a default master page for all other pages.
  • Choose a master page to apply to all blank pages.
  • Ignore the first X number of pages at the start of the document (often, preliminary pages have a specific set of master pages applied whose order never changes).
  • All your settings are stored in the document, so you do not need to set them up more than once.


Click here to download a demo version of this script and try it out now.


A single license for this script is available at $49 USD. For multiple licenses, please contact us to arrange a discount.

To purchase the full version for only $49, click the “Buy Now” button, or email us. Your will receive your full, unlocked script normally within one working day.


Users who have purchased “Apply Masters to Pages” since 1 January, 2014, may upgrade to Mastermatic for $25 USD.

The terms of the license permit the installation of the script on a single user’s computer. The script is copyright. It is illegal to make unauthorised copies of the script.

For just $49, this script is an amazing timesaver for anyone working on long documents in InDesign.

7 thoughts on “MASTERMATIC!

  1. Hello,

    I am a book designer, and for formatting the text interior of a book the MasterMatic script looks to be a excellent help. Hpwever, I have one question: In novels it is usual to leave out the page number on the page preceding a chapter. Is it possible to use MasterMatic for applying a master page based on a paragraph on the following page instead of the current page?

    all the best

  2. Hi Trygve,

    No, currently Mastermatic only applies master pages to the actual page on which the paragraph style appears.

    However, if what you mean is that the page before the chapter opening is blank, and therefore you do not want a page number on it, then yes, you can set Mastermatic to apply a chosen master page (i.e. a blank master page) to all blank pages.

    If there is text on the preceding page, you could create a special paragraph style for the “last paragraph of a story” and apply a master according to that.

    Or you could insert a little invisible anchored object to the end of the chapter, with an object style applied, and use Mastermatic to apply a master page based on that object style.

    So I think it can be made to work one way or another.

  3. Hi Ariel,

    I’m testing Mastermatic! An interesting tool!
    First question: Apparently, I can apply a master page associated to an object with an object style. So, if I delete this object, what happens?
    Secundly, I can’t test your tool with only 4 tests! A solution?

  4. Hi Obi-wan,

    Nice to see you here!
    (1) If you delete an object, Mastermatic will simply reprocess that page (next time it runs — either automatically if that options is selected, or manually), and apply whatever master is needed according to the rules that the user has set up. If the absence of the object changes the required master, then a different one will be applied. If not, then no change will occur.
    (2) Send me an email and I’ll see what I can do. Admin [at]


  5. I am very interested in purchasing your script, however I have one question and that is can your script apply a new section with the Master? I almost always want me footnote to restart with each new chapter and this would save me a tremendous amount of time.

  6. Hi Raphael,

    We have a different script for that called Sections Stuff:


  7. […] not sure what happened but I was again looking at scripts and discovered this great script called Mastermatic by Bookraft. Funnily enough even though I didn’t know the site, I knew of the […]

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