Live Index

Live Index

Live Index now works with ePubs!

Live Index will convert all the page numbers in your book’s index into live links. So when the user clicks on the page numbers in the PDF or ePub, he or she will be taken to the right page.

Unlike Adobe InDesign’s Creative Cloud feature, which is limited to indexes created within InDesign using the indexing feature, Live Index works with indexes that you have imported from Word, or typed in manually.

Live Index works with any text. It does not require the index to have been built with InDesign’s indexing feature. Even if the index was created by hand and pasted into the InDesign document, Live Index will still be able to convert all the numbers to live links.

Live Index works excellently whether your document is a single InDesign file (.indd), an InDesign book (.indb), or any other combination.

Live Index works with InDesign CS5 and higher, on PC and Mac. (If you need a version for CS4, please contact us.)

Go from this:

Index without live links

to this:

Index with live links

in a few mouse clicks (the rectangles around the page numbers are for illustration purposes – to demonstrate where the live links have been created; the script provides the option to remove them).


  • Supports ePub and PDF export.
  • Works with any index – does not require use of InDesign’s indexing feature.
  • Works with single documents, InDesign books, or any combination of documents.
  • Mark the page numbers to convert with a character style before running the script, or let the script find the page numbers itself.
  • Intelligently deals with number ranges such as 134–52. Understands in this case “52” actually means page 152.
  • Works with InDesign CS5 and higher on Mac and PC.

You can download a trial version of this script here. It will create up to 12 links per index.

A single license for this script is available for $49.00 USD. For multiple licenses, please contact us to arrange a discount.

The terms of the license permit the installation of the script on a single user’s computer. The script is copyright. It is illegal to make unauthorised copies of the script.

To purchase the full version for only $49.00, click the “Buy Now” button, or email us. Your will receive your full, unlocked script normally within one working day.

For just $49.00, this script is an amazing timesaver for anyone working on long documents in InDesign.

8 thoughts on “Live Index

  1. Hi,
    I saw in a thread on the Adobe Scripting Forum that you had responded to Sandee Cohen’s request for a script that would convert page numbers in an index into external page links to documents in a book. I see you have something similar for a TOC, but I don’t see a version for indexes. Do you have something?

  2. Yes indeed. I worked with Sandee Cohen to create the script she needed for the index to her latest book, InDesign CS6 Visual QuickStart Guide, and had been meaning to make it publicly available for some time.

    Thanks to your “prodding”, that has finally happened, and here it is!


  3. Live Index is a fantastic script. It does almost exactly want I need.

    I have a question…using the script with a manually created index (just words with page numbers-not generated from Indesign).

    When converted for epub it ran once and will not run again. It generates no errors.
    I am using Indesign CC with the trial version of the script.

    Is it possible to make the script link to the word on the page so resizing the viewer will not affect it?

    Thanks again for a wonderful script.

  4. You say that the script will not “run again”. I’m not sure what that means, in the sense that once you have run it on a given document, if you run it again it will just do the same thing, so I guess that looks like it hasn’t run again, but really it has. Perhaps you could explain in more detail what you’re trying to do, and why you’re trying to run it again?

    Regarding linking to the word on the page, it currently is not possible to do this, unfortunately. The problem is that some index entries aren’t a single word, and sometimes the actual entry doesn’t appear as such on the page. So what the script does is it links to the first word on the page (just like in a real book, the index takes you to a page in general, not a particular word on that page). I appreciate that when the ePub text is enlarged, the word that the index entry refers to may not appear on the screen, and the user will be required to scroll a few paragraphs down to get there. I just can’t think of a general solution that will work for all indexes…

  5. Hi, this looks promising. Does it work with German documents/formats as well? (S.34 or Seite 34 instead of p.34)


  6. Hi Konstantin,

    Yes, it should work the same in German as in English. Live Index can work in one of 2 ways:
    (1) It can find, by itself, all numbers, and turn them into hyperlinks. So in the case of p. 34 – the “34” would be a hyperlink, and with “S.34” again only the “34” would be a hyperlink.
    (2) If you need more control than that, you can apply a character style to whatever numbers you want to convert to hyperlinks and select that in Live Index.
    So it would work the same in German as in English. But if you want to turn the whole phrase “p. 34” into a hyperlink, it can’t do that, because there is no page in the document called “p. 34”. (On the other hand, if you have a page “xii” then that will be fine if there is a page called “xii” in the document.)

  7. thanks! we have bought 2 licenses. Would be really cool if the script could detect not only numbers but phrases like “S.34” or “p.34”

  8. Hi, just wondering how this will go when the index is in a separate indesign document? Basically I have a 1000+ page book made up of 27 sections, where each section is in a separate indesign file. I have used the indesign index feature to generate the index but no matter how good the computer is, I haven’t managed to export the entire book as one pdf, which is preventing the index from being linked. The most I have got to is about 900 pages. So the first 800 or so pages are automatically linked to the index in the pdf, and then I go and manually insert the other pages and link the index up in acrobat. Will this script help over come this issue? And if so, how?!


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