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The Bookraft InTime® TimeTracker App

What is it? A simple, user-friendly desktop application for keeping track of the time you’ve spent and the money you’ve earned on projects.

Click here to download a trial version of Bookraft’s InTime Timesheet application.

Here’s a screen-grab:












  • Open as many timesheets as you want in a tabbed interface
  • Calculate fees owed. Set a different fee level for each project
  • Open the timesheet in Excel (or your default spreadsheet app) with one click
  • Open the timesheet in your default browser
  • Show per-entry, daily, and running totals for time spent and money earned
  • Edit, delete, and move entries
  • Add a comment next to each entry
  • Does not take up any computer resources. Just start the timer and close the app. It does not need to run in the background.
  • תומך עברית


  • Any Adobe Creative Suite 6 product, or any other Adobe app that includes the ExtendScript toolkit. Works with Windows or Mac.

Demo Download

Click here to download a trial version of Bookraft’s InTime Timesheet application.

The trial version allows up to 5 entries per timesheet, and a maximum of 2 timesheets open at the same time.


Download the demo, and double click on “SETUP.jsx” to launch the setup wizard.

To run: After you’ve installed InTime, a shortcut appears on your desktop. Double-click it to launch InTime.

Questions? Comments? Please post below – your feedback is much appreciated.

How to Purchase

The Bookraft InTime Timesheet application is available for $29.00 USD (single license). For multiple licenses, please contact us to arrange a discount.

Please note: Unlike other timesheet apps out there, there is NO subscription fee for InTime. Purchase your single license once, and use forever! There is nothing more to pay!

The terms of the license permit the installation of the script on a single user’s computer. The script is copyright. It is illegal to make unauthorised copies of the script.

To purchase the full version for only $29.00, click the “Buy Now” button, or email us. Your will receive your full, unlocked copy within one working day.

For just $29.00, InTime is the intuitive, user-friendly way to keep track of the time you spend and the money you earn on your work.

5 thoughts on “InTime TimeTracker App

  1. A cute app. I like that I can run it from inside InDesign. Very simple and easy to use. Not many features, but for my purposes it’s great.

  2. Great.
    Would buy if you add an option to calculate prices, or to easy export to excel.

  3. Hi Aron,

    Those features have now been added!

  4. מעונינים לרכוש את התוכה של חישוב זמן בעברית

  5. כדי לבצע רכישה יש ללחוץ על הכפתור הכתום בדף זה. תועברו לפיי-פל, שם תוכלו להשתמש ברטיס אשראי כדי לבצע את הרכישה. שימו לב שפיי-פל כמדומני אינו מקבל כרטיסי ישראכרד.


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