Fit Text to Frame

Fit Text to Frame

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Works with all versions of InDesign from CS4 upwards (including CC), for Mac or Windows.

This script will fit your text to the size of the text frame it’s in. If there is room, it will enlarge the text as much as possible to fit within the text frame.

The script will also reduce the text if there is overset text, to ensure that all the text fits into the frame.

Text is NOT distorted. It is simply enlarged or reduced by the precise amount necessary to make it as large as possible within the text frame, or to make it just small enough so that it all fits within the text frame.



Download and install the script into your InDesign scripts folder as usual.

How to Use

Select a text frame and run the script (if you’ll be doing this a lot, it would probably be a good idea to create a keyboard shortcut for this script).

The script will then check the text frame:

  • If it is overset (with a little red plus sign showing), it will reduce the font just sufficiently so that all the text fits inside the frame.
  • If the frame is not overset, the script will try to enlarge the text just sufficiently so that it fits the frame.

The script works best with non-threaded text frames, that is, text frames that are non connected to other text frames.

Trial version

A trial version can be downloaded here. It will work 20 times.


A single license for this script is available at $29.00 USD. For multiple licenses, please contact us to arrange a discount.

The terms of the license permit the installation of the script on a single user’s computer. The script is copyright. It is illegal to make unauthorised copies of the script.

To purchase the full version for only $29.00, click the “Buy Now” button, or email us. You will receive your full, unlocked script normally within one working day.

For just $29.00, this script is an amazing InDesign timesaver.

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