Change Consecutive Paragraphs

Change Consecutive Paragraphs Script

This simple script is another crucial addition to the arsenal of any InDesigner working on long documents.

NEW! Version 1.6 now released!

  • In Version 1.6, you can search through all open InDesign documents.


The script allows you to change the paragraph style of a paragraph in your document depending on the paragraph style of the next or previous paragraph. (From version 1.6.0 you can search through all open documents in InDesign.)

For instance, you can tell the script to change the paragraph style of all paragraphs in your document that follow the chapter title to a non-indented style. So whenever “Body Text” follows “Chapter Title”, change it to “Body Text no-indent.”

Here’s a screenshot:

Change Consecutive Paragraphs Script for InDesign

It’s actually even easier than it looks. Simply place your cursor in the first paragraph. The script will populate the dropdown dialogs with the current paragraph in (1), the next paragraph in (2), and (3) is for you to choose. (Clicking on undo [command+z (ctrl+z on a PC)] once will undo all the changes in one go even if 500 paragraphs were changed when you ran the script.)

The “clear overrides” checkbox tells the script that whenever it applies a new paragraph style, it should clear any local formatting overrides in that paragraph.

Supported Versions

  • Change Consecutive Paragraphs version 1.6.0 works with InDesign CS4 upwards (including InDesign CC), on Mac and Windows computers.

Trial Version

Download a trial version of this script here. It will run up to 3 times per document.

A single license for this script is available at $39.00 USD. For multiple licenses, please contact us to arrange a discount.

The terms of the license permit the installation of the script on a single user’s computer. The script is copyright. It is illegal to make unauthorised copies of the script.

To buy the unlimited version for $39.00, click on the “Buy Now” button below and you will be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction, or send us an email You will normally received your script within one working day (if not before).

9 thoughts on “Change Consecutive Paragraphs

  1. Hi,

    thanks, your script saves a lot of working time! Great!
    One improvement would be if the script dialog doesn’t lock editing the InDesign document. Then I could click another paragraph and chose other replacement settings. Now I have to open the script panel again and again — yes, I could probably assing a keyboard shortcut, but I’ve already memorizing a lot custom shortcuts 😉
    Another feature would be to run on all open documents (or all book documents).

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Ulrich,

    Thanks. Good ideas. Searching through all open documents makes sense. I’m just wondering how the script should identify what paragraph styles you’re looking for in other documents. For instance, say in one document you’ve got a style called “Footnotes indent” and it resides within a group called “Footnote styles.” And in another document, you’ve got a style also called “Footnotes indent” but it does not reside in any group. How should the script decide whether those are meant to be the same style?


  3. Hi,

    Could you set the script so it does not clear overrides when it applies styles? We love the script, but we need to keep local formatting when batching style changes.



  4. Done. The current version of the script lets the user choose whether to clear overrides when applying consecutive styles.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Eric.


  5. Hello, is any way to update your script for running outside page in the free space beside layout? thx a lot… Ilja

  6. Hi Ilja,

    I think it already does work on paragraphs in the pasteboard. Is that not the case?


  7. Hi Ariel, I am using 1.4.1 versin, but I can see that 1.5.1 is kecked off… How can I update it and is anywhere any list of changes, please?

  8. Hi Ilya,

    The latest version as of 8 May 13 is 1.5.2. Please contact me if you have purchased a previous version and require an upgrade. The main change since version 1.4 is that the script now works properly with footnotes as well.


  9. ¡Un script sensacional! Bien vale la inversión. Debería estar en la biblioteca de scripts de InDesign de todo diseñador. Mira una reseña en mi blog.

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