InDesign Scripts for Long Documents

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The production of published material, both electronic and print, often involves many repetitive tasks.

Bookraft Solutions has developed a range of products geared towards publishers, design agencies, and independent designers and typesetters that can speed up many of these repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Since Adobe InDesign™ is currently the most popular and widely-used software for producing all types of publications, you will find below a complete list of scripts which we have created using InDesign’s scripting language, called ExtendScript, which is an extension of the popular Javascript language.

These InDesign scripts and extensions were all initially created for our own production uses. Since we decided to make them available to the wider public several years ago, they have been put through the crucible of the real-world production processes of hundreds of design agencies, publishers, and individual typesetters and designers worldwide.

The price of the scripts in most cases does not reflect the time they took to develop nor the time they will save you.

I hope you find these as useful as we have!

To download a demo, or purchase any of these scripts, or find out more about each script, click on the script name to be taken to its web page.

FormMagic ($79.00)

The problem: Interactive PDF forms created in InDesign lose their formatting when opened in Acrobat. With FormMagic you can create PDF forms in InDesign, and format them freely. Open the form in Acrobat, run the new FormMagic command, and your entire form is formatted properly!

Live Index ($49.00)

Live Index will convert all the page numbers in your index into live links. When you export a document to ePub or PDF, the user can click on any page number in the index and be taken to the requested page.

Display Line Numbers ($49.00)

Add line numbers to your InDesign document. Supports multiple column layouts. Many numbering options available.

Mastermatic! ($49.00)

This add-on lets you set up rules that determine which master page is applied to which page, based on the paragraph style and/or object style appearing on that page. Updates automatically while you work! Replaces the now defunct “Apply Masters” script below.

Apply Master Pages based on Paragraph Styles ($39.00)

Though still available, this script has been replaced with Mastermatic (above).

Live TOC! ($49.00)

Have you ever wished that the numbers in your InDesign table of contents (TOC) would update automatically – without losing any local formatting?

Break URL Correctly ($29.00)

Force InDesign to break long hyperlinks (URLs) correctly at the end of a line,and in the optimal position, according to the rules of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Change Consecutive Paragraphs ($29.00)

“If paragraph style A is followed by style B, change style A to style C and style B to style D.” A massive time-saver!

Sections Stuff ($29.00)

Start a new InDesign section on every page that a user-defined paragraph style appears. This has various uses, but the main one is to force footnote numbering to restart at 1 (one) at the beginnig of every chapter in a long document.

Clone Object Export Options ($29.00)

For creating ePubs. InDesign CS6 (maddeningly) doesn’t let you define Object Export Options as part of an object style. This script goes some way to alleviating that, by allowing you to copy object export options to all objects sharing the same object style. (Update: The latest version of InDesign (CC) has rectified this omission.) But if you’re on CS6, you still need this!

Fit Text to Frame ($29.00)

Enlarge or reduce text by the precise amount necessary to make it as large as possible within the text frame, or to make it just small enough so it all fits within the text frame.

Create Character Styles from Local Overrides ($39.00)

Turn every single character-level override into a character style. Never lose overrides again!

Quick Reformat ($39.00)

Quickly redefine all your paragraph styles in one go: Specify a new point size and/or leading and all paragraph styles that use the old (or related) values will be updated accordingly. Special feature: snap the bottom page margin throughout the document to the nearest baseline grid.

Free Scripts:

Quick Apply with Next Style

Have you always wished that the quick-apply feature would respect your paragraph style’s Next Style setting? Have you always wished that there would be an easy shortcut for Next Style? Well, now there is!

Case Cycle

This little script is a great timesaver. It simply cycles through three of InDesign’s capitlization options: All caps, lowercase, sentence case.